Protect Pollinators in the Farm Bill!

Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) amendment (SA 1027) would be a step in the right direction towards protecting honey bees and other pollinators.

Over the past decade, honey bees and other pollinators have been suffering record-high population losses. In the wake of another winter of record losses (over 30%) for U.S. beekeepers, and with one in three bites of food depending on honey bees, it is critical that Congress adopt these pollinator protections.

Senator Boxer’s amendment would:

  • Establish an interagency dialogue about pollinator health between the Department of Agriculture, Department of Interior, and Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Create a task force on bee health and commercial beekeeping;
  • Compel agencies to utilize the best available peer-reviewed science on environmental and chemical stressors to pollinators including international efforts addressing pollinator declines, and;
  • Assess the feasibility for new public bee research labs.

While the Farm Bill debates continue to be a rollercoaster of upsets and victories for small farmers, conservation groups and other stakeholders, it is important to remember that this five-year bill affects all of us, and all of us will be affected by the devastating pollinator losses plaguing our nation.  It is crucial that we take whatever steps we can, however small they may be, to work towards protecting these critical species and our future food security.

Take Action to Protect Pollinators Now!

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