Support Amendments to Advance Organic Agriculture

The Farm Bill is an opportunity to advance a food production system that protects human health and the environment. Organic systems have proven themselves to be productive and profitable while enhancing the environment and public health, and protecting against the serious pollution of our air, water and soil that is associated with chemical-intensive practices. These amendments will help to advance practices that are sustainable, and help to level the playing field for a healthy future.

We are urging the support of important amendments that will advance organic agriculture and ensure investment in sustainable practices. Three amendments stand out: Senator Leahy's amendment (SA1093) will improve organic funding through the environmental quality and incentives program. Senator Tester's (D-MO) amendment (SA1080) supports classical plant and animal breeding, which reduces reliance on toxic inputs. Senator Brown's (D-OH) amendment (SA 1088) provides grants for local food systems and community programs.

If you have the time, a phone call makes a huge difference. Please consider calling your Senators and voicing your concerns at the number's below (phone numbers will appear for your individual Senators once you type in your 5 digit zip code).

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