Dow Won't Quit - And Neither Will We

Thousands of people from across the country took action last month to prevent Dow AgroSciences from using its influence to insert Farm Bill language that would allow the food uses of the pesticide sulfuryl fluoride to continue, despite an EPA proposal to phase it out. Your actions stopped Dow's dangerous amendments. We wish we could tell you that was the end but it's not.

We need your help again. Dow's latest attempt to keep this neurotoxic fumigant in our food is to defund EPA's ability to regulate its use. Language inserted into the 2014 House Appropriations Bill would prevent EPA from enforcing its previous decision to phase out the use of sulfuryl fluoride.

Tell Your Representative Today: Remove Section 449 from the House Appropriations Bill.


Sulfuryl fluoride is a dangerous chemical which has been linked to cancer as well as neurological, developmental, and reproductive damages. We are on the verge of getting this hazardous material banned because even EPA, which has agreed to phase out the chemical, recognizes that public exposure exceeds acceptable standards. In the European Union, the chemical has already been banned from any food contact.

Sulfuryl fluoride is not necessary for the safe storage and handling of our food supply, so there is no need to block the currently mandated phase out. There are many viable alternatives to sulfuryl fluoride fumigation, including temperature manipulation (heating and cooling), atmospheric controls (low oxygen and fumigation with carbon dioxide), biological controls (pheromones, viruses and nematodes), and less toxic chemical controls (diatomaceous earth). Moreover,  the chemical is a potent greenhouse gas, with the ability to trap 4,000 to 5,000 times the infrared radiation as carbon dioxide. Neither fumigant is permitted in organic food production and handling.

Please, write and call your Representative and tell him or her to let EPA protect our safety, take this hazardous pesticide out of food production, and shift to safe practices. We do not have to trade our health for corporations that want to continue profiting off of the use of hazardous pesticides in food production.

Phone calls are more influential than emails; please consider calling your Representative by dialing 202-224-3121.

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