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Urge President Obama to Enact Meaningful Protections for Bees

At the close of Pollinator Week 2014, President Obama announced a new federal task force to "promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators." In honor of Honey Bee Day this Saturday, August 16th, we need to follow up and make sure that real, long lasting protections for our critical pollinators come from the President's announcement.

Put Pressure on the President to Protect Pollinators!

We know that the bee crisis is No Longer A BIG Mystery. The widespread use of systemic neonicotinoid (or neonic) pesticides is impairing bee brain function, suppressing immunity to common pathogens, and disrupting bees' ability to gather food, even at "near infinitesimal" doses, according to researchers. Given the sucess of organic alternatives, these chemicals aren't even necessary to produce food.

Based on the growing body of evidence, including a newly released worldwide assessment of the impact of neonics, scientists around the globe are calling for immediate action to restrict the use of neonics.

Let's make sure @BarackObama and the @WhiteHouse take action to #SaveOurBees - sign the petition below!