Tell EPA and USDA: Stop Glyphosate Use Now!

A recent report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that there is sufficient evidence of carcinogencity for glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular Roundup herbicide, based on scientific analysis. Glyphosate is touted as a “low-toxicity” chemical and “safer” than other chemicals by industry and EPA. However, IARC’s new classification of glyphosate as a Group 2A probable carcinogen, meaning that it is carcinogenic in humans based on laboratory animal studies, shows that the chemical is anything but safe.

Given that there are numerous alternatives to the use of glyphosate through organic agriculture and lawn care, it’s time that the federal government take action to protect public health.

Sign the petition to urge EPA to stop the use of glyphosate and take immediate action to reevaluate its widespread use and registration status.

Learn more about the hazards of glyphosate on our Gateway on Pesticide Hazards and Safe Pest Management page.

You can avoid using glyphosate by choosing organic food, and by going organic in your backyard. Learn more on our Lawns and Landscapes page.

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