"Fast Tracking" Trade Bills Threatens Local Democracy, Environmental Protections

Congress is set to take up legislation that would rush trade deals through the U.S. House without any chance for oversight, debate, or amendments.

If the Obama Administration gets Fast Track, the plan is to ram through two trade deals currently under negotiation, including the TransPacific Partnership (an agreement with Pacific Rim countries, which is closer to being done), and the TransArlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP, an agreement with the EU, which is in earlier stages).

These trade deals would have widespread impacts on chemical policy in the U.S. and Europe. It's likely they'll include language which has the potential to roll back state and local restrictions on neonicotinoids and cosmetic pesticide use.

The stakes are too high. Use the box below to craft a letter to your Congressmember asking him or her to reject Fast Track trade legislation.

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