Sign Your Support for a Pesticide-Free Community

History was made in Montgomery County, Maryland on October 6, 2015 when a grassroots coalition of moms, progressive businesses, and local and national health and environmental advocates stopped hazardous pesticide use on public and private property throughout the county. 

This is an important moment. Chemical industry lobbyists fear that this ordinance will inspire other localities to enact similar legislation. There is no question that a transition to ecologically friendly land management is taking hold.

Let's work together to help make the conversion to organic lawn care spread to localities throughout the U.S. If you support the ordinance passed by Montgomery County and want to see similar legislation enacted in your community, let us know by signing your name below!

Although you may live in a locality that prohibits local governments from adopting standards more protective than the state, you can still work to eliminate the use of pesticides on public property, inspiring action at the state level to roll back preemption and permit a Montgomery-style ordinance.

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