Stop The Dark Act!

Earlier this week, Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) introduced a bill that would preempt states from passing laws that let Americans know if genetically engineered ingredients are in the food we consume.

Agrichemical companies have hired high-priced lobbyists in attempts to move the bill quickly through Congress, and prevent the public from speaking out against the Act. So it's critical you urge your Senators to reject any legislation that would deny your right to know!

The “Denying Americans the Right-to-Know” (DARK) Act would.

  • Preempt states from regulating GMO crops to protect public health and the environment.
  • Virtually eliminate FDA’s ability to craft a national GMO labeling system.
  • Codify the current, broken voluntary labeling system.
  • Create a GMO “safety” review system based on industry science.
  •  Allow “natural” foods to contain GMO ingredients and preempt state efforts to end misleading “natural” claims.

We need you to take immediate action and tell your Senators you oppose the DARK Act and support federally mandated GMO labeling!
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