Ban Atrazine: EPA Must Protect Wildlife!

The hormone-disrupting pesticide atrazine is turning male frogs into females and is putting millions of Americans at risk from food and water contamination. A recent report by EPA found that there is enough evidence to conclude that this chemical, the second most widely used herbicide in the U.S., poses unacceptable risks to many animals, including fish, amphibians, birds and mammals.  


Atrazine causes abnormal sexual development in amphibians and chemically castrates male frogs by lowering their ability to reproduce, according to research by University of California, Berkeley scientist, Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D., and many other researchers. EPA must listen to its own science and #banatrazine!


Syngenta, soon to be bought by ChemChina, is poisoning our country’s food and water supply with its production and sale of atrazine. This company, steeped in corporate manipulation and public deception, professes the need for its chemicals to feed a growing population, even though data on productivity, chemical costs, pest resistance, and pollution impacts find that chemical-dependency is not sustainable.


Sign the petition below to urge EPA to end the use of atrazine. In order to protect human and ecological health, the agency should take immediate action to eliminate this chemical from our environment!

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