Urge County Executive Leggett and Montgomery County Councilmembers to Defend the Healthy Lawns Act!

Montgomery County's Healthy Lawns Act is under a legal attack led by pesticide industry lobbyists. Residents and workers need this law to protect against serious health threats posed by nonessential lawn pesticide use -- most significantly affecting children, pregnant women, and immune-compromised individuals. We need to fight back.

Please join us in urging County Executive Leggett and Montgomery County Councilmembers to ensure a strong and robust defense of this historic legislation.

Subject: Firmly Defend County's Pesticide Law Against Industry Lawsuit!

Be sure to also CALL your lawmakers:

Feel free to use the following message when calling :
Hello, my name is _______. I live in _(city)___. I'm calling about the pesticide industry led lawsuit on county's lawn pesticide law. I want __(County Executive Leggett or Council President Berliner)___ to make sure that the county's pesticide law is vigorously defended by the county attorney. This law is important to me because  _____( share your reasons or your own experience)________.
Will you make sure the lawmaker gets my message. Thank you."

County Executive Leggett: (240) 777-2500
Council President Berliner: (
240) 777-7828


The Montgomery County Council passed an amended Healthy Lawns Bill 52-14 in a 6-3 vote Tuesday, October 6th, 2015, becoming the first county and largest jurisdiction in the nation to restrict the unnecessary use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, on County-owned and private lawns.

Bill 52-14 is a significant step forward for a local community to act where the federal government is deficient in fully protecting public health and environment.  Starting in 2018, the health of the county's over 1 million residents and the local water, soil and air quality, and health of pollinators will be protected from non-essential use of harmful lawn pesticides, herbicides. Children, people with health vulnerabilities - such as asthma, chemical sensitivities, and cancer - and pets are especially affected by the wide-spread use and unavoidable exposure to lawn pesticides, herbicides.

More details about Bill 52-14 and related amendments are available to read here.

The full council packet from Montgomery County is available to read here.