Call on Governor Hogan to Sign Maryland's New Pollinator-Friendly Habitat Bill!

The Pollinator Habitat Plans- Plan Contents- Requirements and Prohibition Act (SB 386/HB830) passed the Maryland Legislature this week with solid bi-partisan support. This bill is necessary to ensure that bee-toxic pesticides are not being used on state managed pollinator habitat.

Pollinators in Maryland urgently need pesticide-free habitat. Last year alone, Maryland beekeepers lost 56 percent of their hives, which follows a 61 percent loss in 2015. Experts say annual losses beyond 15 percent are unsustainable for beekeepers. Since 2006, beekeepers have lost an average of 30 percent of their hives. We sent a strong clear message to our elected officials that we, and our birds, butterflies and bees need urgent help.

Tell Governor Hogan to follow the lead of the Maryland legislature and protect pollinators by sending a message today!

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