A Call to Action: Aternative to Pesticides NOW!

Date: TOMORROW, Thursday, July 26
Location: The Abundant Table 1012 W Ventura Blvd. Camarillo, CA 93010
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm PDT
Hosted by: Coalition Advocating For Pesticide Safety – Ventura County.

Speakers include:

  • Olga Medina, Lideres Campesinas, farmworker advocate
  • Dr. Minako Watabe, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Santa Paula
  • Jan Dietrick & Ron Whitehurst, Rincon-Vitova Insectaries
  • Reyna Ortega & Guadalupe Rojas, Abundant Table, organic farmers
  • Adam Vega, Central Coast Alliance United For a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE), organizer

Organizers are asking:

  1. that buffer zones between application and sensitive sites be increased to at least 1-mile,
  2. for advanced notification of applications taking place near those sensitive sites at least one week prior,
  3. that notices of intent to use chlorpyrifos be approved ONLY after growers demonstrate trying least-toxic methods and alternatives beforehand.

Already banned for home use in 2000, chlorpyrifos is still applied in huge quantities (26,836 lbs applied last year in Ventura County alone). After exhaustive scientific review, the EPA declared the chemical unsafe to use in any amount, and proposed a total ban.  However, the Trump Administration’s EPA demonstrated its hostility to EPA scientists’ own scientific findings by reversing the ban on March 29, 2017.  Since then, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment (OEHHA) has listed chlorpyrifos as a Prop 65 Reproductive Toxin, and Hawaii initiated a statewide ban.

A new Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner was just announced.  Ventura County Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety says: Stop harming kids’ brains; use alternatives to chlorpyrifos now!

Organizers hope to get the attention of the new County Agricultural Commissioner and the Department of Pesticide Regulation to ask that they side with the scientific data that shows chlorpyrifos should be suspended/discontinued/banned by the state of California.

Ventura County’s farmworkers, organic growers, health professionals, and experts in biological pest-management are calling on State and County regulators to: 1) step up and enact a statewide ban of the brain-harming organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos, 2) educate the agriculture industry and the public about the many available alternatives to this dangerous chemical.

“Join together as a community to demand that more is done beyond the minimal protections proposed by the state.”

Hope you can make it! And please spread the word to friends and family.

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