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Dr. Hayes speaking at the 31st National Pesticide Forum, Albuquerque, NM, 2013.

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Dr. Tyrone Hayes, biologist and professor at the University of California Berkeley, has shown us through his primary research that low level exposure to toxic chemicals is a meaningful dose, even if it is below legal limits. However, Dr. Hayes has been subjected to an orchestrated chemical industry attack, according to an investigative report that researched court documents in a case filed by Holiday Shores Sanitary District (Edwardsville, IL) and joined by more than 1,000 water utilities covering six states. The utilities, seeking to recover costs associated with testing, monitoring and filtering atrazine-contaminated water, settled for $105 million last year. But, the attack on Dr. Hayes continues and his independent research funds are threatened.

To help raise the $150,000 that Dr. Hayes needs, at a minimum, to keep his lab operating, we have started The Fund for Independent Science. Please consider making a pledge to the Fund. If the Fund is able to generate $150,000 in pledges, we will then circle back to collect your contribution. As the Fund grows, we will support other independent scientific research to inform greater growth of the sustainable sector.


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Dr. Tyrone Hayes has published numerous scientific papers concerning the impacts of the herbicide Atrazine on frog development and reproduction. While Dr. Hayes’ findings are associated with his research with frogs, in his talk to Beyond Pesticides’ 31st National Pesticide Forum in Albuquerque this spring (http://bit.ly/ProtectingLife), he emphasizes the data in fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals, including humans, that show developmental, reproductive, and cancer effects associated with pesticide exposure. Work by Dr. Hayes and other independent scientists is critical to the protection of citizens and the environment from the harmful effects of pesticide exposure. At a time when our government's regulatory capacity is captured by entrenched corporate interests, with executives that move back and forth between regulatory bodies and the companies they are supposed to regulate, independent science is needed to show us the truth.

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